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I bought a car and was having problems. I went online researching for a estimate. I choose your place of business. The store manager name Joe contacted me to schedule an appointment. I explained to him that I was given a fraudulent emission report to purchase my tag and I needed an estimate on repairs and that I was going to have the work done at that location. I spoke to Joe off and on for about 2 weeks before we agreed on a date and time. I called him 15 minute's before dropping the car off to confirm. When I got there some other man came out of the back and they stepped outside for a second. Joe returned and stated to me that they would not be able to check out my car because it could be come a legal matter and they did not have time for that. I was shocked! It did turn into a legal matter with no one involved but me and the dealer, which I am being represented by a consumer lawyer. I was informed to file this complaint and report back to him with the outcome. The managers name was Joe at your location on Banks RD in Fayetteville, GA. Thanks in advance for a response ASAP


Inez Harrison

118 Bobtail Ct

Hampton. GA 30228


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so the managers job is to manage teh customer and the workflow. the owner over rides him to stay out of a legal mess and your mad at that?

It America, the business owner can deny service to whoever he wants when ever he wants... Just the same you can choose where u want to bring your car....




I hope you also sent this in letter form to AAMCO.....cause I doubt you are going to get restitution via this site. I don't fault AAMCO for not wanting to get involved - especially when you admit this could be a legal issue......who needs the should have keep it between you and dealer.


Thanks for your feedback, but in the state of Georgia a car can not be sold without a valid passed emission test report, which when I found out that they sold me the car with a failed emission report prior to selling me the car. Then gave me a fraudulent report to purchase the tag for the car.

I was ask to get a estimate on repairs at a place of my choose for repairs.

Legal matter or not had noting to do with them but to give me the estimate. They offer estimates there and their reason for not doing it, to me was unacceptable bottom line.

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