Knoxville, Tennessee

Ok I have a 2001 dodge ram 2500 with the 5.9 cummins / 5 spd tran. my overdrive went out .so i started callin around and ammco trans in knoxville off merchants drive was the cheapest and seemed to be the top rated in this region.

very wrong was i or any who recommended them. it started out that i was looking at around 1400 for rebuild and install which wasnt bad at first then i get a call that the case was cracked along with pics to an email so ok i said fix it but what is the cost now an the lady who had been very helpful up to this point with everything said now your looking at 1850 tax an all out the doorwhich still wasnt bad but raised flags when one phone call raises $400 in cost. but i bit the bullet an was ready to pay hoping everything was said and done but didnt hear from them for a day or 2 when she said it would b a 3 day turn around now being the fourth day and the first with no call. i started to wonder so the next day which was a day after the day i was scheduled to pick my truck up i called and the lady which i had been talking to answers i tell her who i am an she breaks out this long line of *** that now the price was $2,258.11 for all the checks, rebuild, taxes, and $25 per quart of fluid which i told her was ridiculous and that she had called for my permission for every step of the way until she made a choice her self to spend $400 of my money with no call or warning and told her that she told me $1850 just 2 days prior and she told me i lied that she never said that and wouldnt ever tell someone a price till all repairs was complete.i had 2 family members and girlfriend sitting in the living room the day she called bout the case being cracked and with the $1850 bill but she still refused to admit what she said after we hung up cause i could not believe how ignorant someone could be i requested that the phone recording be presented to find out who was telling the truth since when u call it says calls are monitored and recorded for training purposes they said they didnt have it that after review they are deleted which is b.s their trying to cover there *** and not go back or they woudve lost $400 to $500.

so in return they give me some little coupon for a $100 off the finale cost which to me was more like spitting in my face after youve done slapped me. i would not recommed any one using this place unless you have deep pockets and love to be filled full of ***. my experience with them was a ripoff and a total joke.

they build you up then once your prop. is in their possesion the table and story turns then they act like nothing is their fault so heed my warning and stay away.

Monetary Loss: $2258.

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First off I am sorry you were not happy with the service we provided for you. You have failed the fact that you were unavailable and emails due to out of area network were the only way to communicate to convey changes, and procedural accountable work verification per AAMCO.

You needed your truck for work, etc, and yes the fluid for an NV3500 is expensive and it is not recommended to substitute due to the negative effect and corrosion that can happen from the sulfur content and have chemical reactions to some of the internal metal hard parts.

If you look up the average repair for this type transmission most shops charge up to 3200..

By the way you might want to look at your repair order again to refresh everyone here...the fluid was 100.00 and I credited you with a discount of 100.00 because your were upset with me using Dodge recommended fluid...and the total of your repair order with taxes was 1928.81....

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to help people in this economy it is never good enough..


Yep thats the normal treatment you get from these crooks.I know because i worked at one.Final cost is ALWAYS thousands more than first quote. You also got the cheapest parts anyone could find.The scAamco i worked at got all parts at autozone then marked them up 300%.Even an oil change.The simplest of jobs, they would use an oil filter made in China and reconstituted motor oil then charge you premium prices.

I hate this place and wish they were all shutdown nation wide.They wont honor their warranty and hire anyone, mostly drug addics and generally crooked people.What a total ripoff and scam aamco is.I attended a couple of their meetings where they would try to brainwash the techs and teach them how to rob their customers. Totally despicable business.



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