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This started on 3/29/18when I brought my 2012 Dodge Ram to the place I bought it from to diagnose a light skip to the motor. The problem was identified as cylinder number 3 was dead and was determined that it was cam and lifter failure.

Unfortunately the shop didn't do any internal motor work. So the hunt was on to find a reputable shop that would work with Cars protection plus my insurance but didn't find anyone in my area. So I called Cars protection plus and after going back and forth and threatening the Attorney General they finally gave me an affiliate that would work with Cars protection plus. The company was Aamco total car care on 404 E Washington st.

in N. Attleboro Ma. I called the same day 4/2/18 and talked to Scott the service manager and he assured me that they did internal motor work and was pretty sure they work with Cars protection plus but wasn't sure and would call me back in a bit. He called me back and told me that they are an affiliate and they honor Cars protection plus.

So brought my truck in.three days later Scott called saying that a claim has been open with Cars protection plus . Per instructions of Cars protection plus they would have to tear it down to point of failure and that my dealers diagnosis was 7.5 hours labor to bring it to point of failure according to All Data labor guide. I agreed as I was responsible for the teardown according to Cars protection plus. About 5 days later Scott called and confirmed that the cam and lifters were damaged as diagnosis along with timing chain and gears.

So between Scott and Dan at Cars protection plus they decided it was not cost affective to repair the motor and wanting to put a used motor, unacceptable the used motor would have the same known issue with the Dodge motors that's why I wanted it repaired. So a couple of days go by and I didn't hear from Scott so I happen to be near Aamco so I dropped by told them who I was and asked for Scott the service manager and the guy told me that Scott was fired , he's a *** *** for blowing smoke up my *** So I really didn't care why he was fired that that was between them. We talked more about options and his only solution was a rebuilt motor for right around 9000 dollars, unacceptable especially when insurance was only covering 3600. So I said I had to think about it and left.

On my way by my truck I notice that it was not locked and hood was open so I decided to look at the motor, to my surprise I found that the truck had been push out of the building and sat in the three inches of rain we had last week and the motor was full of water and the piston cylinders were rusted. Motor ruined. On top of everything else the motor was not torn down per Scott's estimate and Still made me pay the 7.5 hours at the sum of 814.00 according to Dodge They doubled the time it should of been for what They did. They put the truck out assuming I was going to put a motor in a truck that needed 600 dollars worth of parts and 2200 to 3000 in labor the average cost at a Dodge dealer.

So as the story started with a 25000 dollar truck that had a light skip to the motor to having it towed out of the shop for neglect and needing a motor.

Thank you Aamco

This letter has and will be sent to all including, the Attorney General Ma. Attorney General US, BBB, consumers affair, Ripoff report, FTC, Facebook and whoever will listen and wherever I can leave a review, I will not go away

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Pickup Truck Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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