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Complaint about an employee of the company. AAMCO Transmissions, 322 E. Prien Lake Road, Lake Charles, LA 70601

On , May 26th during our drive from Phoenix to Boston (for which we had a 5 week window) we noticed a problem with the transmission in our late-model Audi

Allroad and went to the next AAMCO repair shop at 1407 Lomaland Road, El Paso, Texas 79935 (Owner: Ty Boughter)

They diagnosed damage in the transmission of our car and after three days they returned it to us, we were told the car was repaired. All verbal agreements have been complied with correctly by Ty Boughter.

But mistakes happen. We noticed a massive gear oil leak on Thursday, June 4th while driving through Lake Charles / LA. Immediately we headed the nearest AAMCO repairshop on Prien Lake Road and dropped the car off around 9:30 am. The employee in charge then called AAMCO in El Paso, where the original repair had been done. He told us that he would start the repair on our transmission immediately and that AAMCO would accept liability since it was under warranty. He told us he would call us with an update soon.

We went ahead and got a rental car and when we never heard back from him we called around 3 pm and talked to the guy in charge of our car. His answer was vague and I quote " is very difficult to remove the transmission in your Audi, we're not finished yet ... we are still working on it. .... "

The next day, Friday at 8:30 am, we went to the shop and were told that it is probably a problem with the 'vent' because someone had added too much gear oil. Five minutes later he changed his opinion and now told us he had to remove the transmission.

When we made him aware of the fact that he had led us to believe that he would do so the day before and we had assumed that the transmission had already been removed,he politely apologized for the lie: He had been waiting for the money fromAAMCO in El Paso and therefore could not start the work.

At 4 pm that day we received a call with the information that probably a seal had been damaged during installation by AAMCO in El Paso and it would have to be replaced.

He would take care of it immediately. Shortly before 5 pm we received another call and we were told that the spare parts would be delivered on Tuesday morning and thatwe could expect to get the car back (and repaired) by that evening before closing time.

So we spent the weekend waiting.

On Tuesday at 3 pm they informed us that the parts would not arrive until Thursday, even though on Friday he had paid the extra of USD 150 charge for overnight shipping. When asked about the tracking number we received the answer: " There is none, Audi (Maryland) will deliver the part directly."

So we waited for Thursday.

Thursday at 9:30 am we went to the AAMCO repair shop and were told that they are waiting for the Fedex delivery and that the car would be repaired and would be ready to go that evening.

At 4:45 pm they called to tell us that Audi had sent the wrong part!

They told us that they now had to search for the part and could not tell us when our car would be ready.

Since we now had been put off for more than a week we asked the employee to please get in touch with his supervisor and try to find a solution that would be acceptabel for both of us.

He responded extremely aggressive and yelled at us on the phone, he implied that it was not his problem and not his job to work on a solution. He said that we have a car for which it is almost impossible find parts. The entire state was already looking for this part, and we should let him do his job!

After this rather unsatisfactory conversation we decided that we would go and try to find this part ourselves. Our first call was to Ty Boughter at AMCC in Texas,where the original repair had been done. He promised us to call AMCC in Lake Charles immediately to offer his assistance.

Friday, 8:00 am AAMCO shop:

The employee seemed nervous and angry. He told us again that he is still looking for the part and must make more calls. We offered to help in the search and ask forthe part number. He interrupted us with a loud "STOP", he carried on about how - if HE cannot find it - we certainly would not be able to find this part. He told usthat there is no parts number for it because this part is not produced anymore. We answered politely that there might be a possibility that we could find it in Germany and should be able to get it to the US within a week.

He got hysteric and started yelling at us to leave him alone so he could do his job. He told us that he was working on our case until 8 pm the night before, trying to find this part. He said that he was beating his *** to find this part and that he did not care about what our worries were.

We still kept our cool and told him in a polite manner that we just wanted to help and did not expect him to worry about our problems.

It was impossible to continue that conversation so we politely asked to speak to his superior or the owner of the shop. He did not answer. The next 20 minutes hespent making several calls. He then told us that a friend in Houston has the part and the car will be done in the evening. When we asked when the part will arrive, hesaid he already has it in the shop (?). Shortly after that, Ty Boughter from AMCCO in El Paso called to inform us that he has the part and offered to send it immediately. However, he was told that the part is not needed anymore.

That evening around 5 pm, the AAMCO employee that had been working on our car told us that the car is fixed and all they will have to do is go for a test drive. Weasked him to make sure the shifter is adjusted since it had already had to be adjusted once at AAMCO in El Paso.

When we received our fixed car at 5:20 pm we could tell right way that the shifter was off and had not been adjusted. We asked to please adjust it and with some

grumbling the took it back into the shop and lifted it up to adjust it. When they returned the car with the words " it is fine" we were not satisfied with the result and asked the mechanic to please call Ty Boughter in El Paso to find out how to adjust the shifter since he had done it before on our car.

But he started yelling at us, kicked us out of the AAMCO repair shop, locked the doors and literally left us standing in the rain while he stomped off..

For four years we have been traveling through North America and have come to know the people of this country as polite and conscientious. After this incident we feel

like we need to bring this totally unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour to the attention of AAMCO

Finally, we wish to point out that AAMCO El Paso and Ty Boughter were

helpful and courteous at all times and were available to answer questions by phone at any time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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