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So I took my 98 Dodge Durango in to have my transmission checked because it was slipping when I turned left....mind you my vehicle ran fine prior to this other than the minor slip. Well I pull out of Aamco and my truck completely dies in the middle of on coming traffic.

I had my children with me while this was taking place. Well I finally get it started get about another mile down the road and the same thing happens again except this time I can't get it started. I look under the truck and find a huge puddle of brown fluid pouring out of my truck.....I called them right away and all they could say was "sorry but we didn't touch anything", really?

Then how come all of a sudden this is happening? I'm so pissed!

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It happened because they didn't tighten your oil filter after it was removed during installation ....your engine shut off because it had no oil pressure...I am sure you already know all this....these things happen when mechanics get too busy to re check their work.

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