Berkeley, California

I took my Jeep to the El Cerrito AAMCO for a diaganostic for $40.00 and was told a day later that it would cost another $1,000 to get a complete diag. Decided not to accept the additional charge.

But when I went to pick my Jeep up, it was barely opporational. My jeep was running ok before I took it there, some slippage, but now it barely runs, doesn't even go in reverse now. I tried to resolve the issue with them with no prevale. I had three machanics analyze my car and got reliable reccomendations without destroying its opporation.

Now after taking it to the El Cerrito, CA shop, it doesn't even goe in reverse now. They laughed at my wife when she told them it was ok upon taking it there. I'm wondering if I should take legal action. I thought I was taking my car to repitalble establishment with the AAMCO name.

But got completly screwed. seems like they were looking to make a good buck. Is this the kind of service you want your good name to be baste on. i would think not.

What can I do?

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My Chevy impala transmission had problem last November. I brought it to Monrovia CA AAMCO.

First I was told that it only cost $1500. A couple of days later the manager told me that several major parts in the transmission were broken and needed to be replaced with $2500. The car only had 70000 miles on it. I agreed for them to repair.

In May this year (5 months later), the transmission was broken again. It took them more than 7 weeks to fix it. In July this year (6 weeks later). The car stopped in the middle of the road and then was towed to the shop.

Now it has been more than 9 weeks. The car is still not fixed. The manager even can not give me a date when it will be fixed.

I feel that I am being held as a hostage. I would appreciate any of your advice on how to deal with the situation.


I took my 03saab to aamco and they play fix my car's transmission for over 3,ooo dollars,only to go down again.Never trust these people again with any of your car needs.God will surely pay them back for all the people they stoled from.I will blog them on facebook and any other site.


your transmission was already failing.

test driving made the symtoms worse.


Sounds like my results with Cottman but not as bad in my case. I took my wifes Dodge into a Cottman place just to get the trannsmission serviced and he gave me a sermon that you could tell he rehearsed a million times.

He told me it did'nt shift right and my transmission had mettalic specks in it. Little did he know I alwayed used to change my own transmission fluid myself and the only reason I did'nt do it this time is because I just had a hip replacement. He wanted an additional 700 dollars just to take it down and look at it and the repair bill was going to start from there. To all of you out there, SMALL METTALIC SHAVINGS IN THE BOTTOM OF YOUR PAN IS NORMAL WEAR BUT TRANSMISSION SHOPS WILL SHOW YOU THAT TO SCARE YOU INTO A NEW TRANSMISSION!!!

I told him to just do what I originally asked. This was the fall of 2005. Its now the winter of 2009 and and my wifes transmission works just fine with no signs of slippage even though that parasite said thye tranny was on its way out. Bottom line is that the best thing for a transmission is to change the fluid every 30,000 miles or so and don't beat it do death.

If the time comeswhere the transmission is slipping , leaking, or burning up fluid and you have kept up on it, just shop around and ask what a complete overhaul will cost instead of trying to think you can get away with something less. I don't know anyone who ever went to a transmission place and got anything short of a complete overhaul except for preventive maintenance-that is if they don't try to turn that into an overhaul. Last but not least, Aamco advertises that only 50 percent of transmissions serviced by them needed a new transmission. I bet the other 50 percent where either fluid changes or clutch related on Manual transmissions.

Bottom line, transmission places make money on overhauling transmissions.

If they just did fluid changes, they would all go under, even the local shops. There is very little in between.


Took my car to a AAMCO in Douglasville, GA - kind-of got my car fixed and ended up with a rat in my car - need help - need to know who to contact at their corporate office.


I was also scewed by AAmco!! My was in Ashland,Ky.

I took my business truck there to get the transmission rebuilt and they fixed it or should I said royally scewed me I paid the $2500 and had to have it re-done again costing me another $1500. Anyways,I looked into legal action too,and good luck no one would touch this around here!!!


It's AAMCO what did you expect. Everyone knows they suck, did you not get the news???? :( :( :(

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