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Update by user May 20, 2013

I'm scared to find out what Aamco will do to my car after putting in a complaint. I found so many unhappy people here I'm sick of Aamco. They should be out of business.

Original review posted by user May 20, 2013

My car (1998 Audi A4 with a 2005 engine, auto body & interior mint condition) is with Aamco in Staten Island NY for over 2 years now. It was original brought in for transmission issues and for the transmission to be aligned with the new engine $3527.36 if needed I have the original work order #104559. The only thing positive is Aamco allowed me to make payments over time because I was unemployed. Early last year my boyfriend at the time thought he would have full payment and “R” the employee at Aamco told him to bring the funds in because the car was done. Unfortunately things fell through and the money wasn't there. So I continued to pay, then for 4 months I didn't make payment to catch up on other bills. I received a letter in the mail stating "we need to make payment or I will be charged storage". I called “R” and we were able to make arrangements for payments. Finally this year I was able to pay my bill in full, this was 4 weeks ago. Now I'm thinking “yes I can get my car”, wrong. I'm being told the "TCM" need to be changed because it’s not allowing the transmission to shift. “R” gave me a price of $892.78, guaranteed rebuilt. I paid half and the other half is to be paid when the part is installed. Over 3 weeks ago I paid the other half and still no car. I was told they had to take the transmission out because the drum was not allowing the car to shift, that made me think so why did you say that was the fault of the "TCM" I was tricked into paying for something I didn't need. I told him okay to the drum excuse wait a week it will be ready. Again I call to pickup my car, now I'm being told the speed sensor is giving my car trouble and now I have electrically issues too. The electrical issues I'm not surprised because the technicians left my windows open for so long that spiders ,pollen, and dirt blankets the inside of my car (they had no respect for my property). “R” said that wouldn't cause the problem. I think that is how my TCM may have got damaged if it was really damaged at all. “R” told me I should be patient and be glad they will fix my issues, plus they didn't charge me storage. Storage? You can't charge me that on a car that was never fixed (according to a posting in the office, company will not charge storage fee until 48 hours after car is completely finished). If my transmission was fixed when it first came to the shop 2 years ago why would the drum be broken if the car can't be driven??? If the car can't be driven because of the drum, then how can you tell me the "TCM" is the reason why the car can't shift??? I paid a total of $4420.14 on my car to be working perfectly, I still have nothing. Oh, he also told me the car has drainage areas that keep water from getting into the car, because they got full the water was able to get into my car and damage my "TCM". I must look so ***. The following problems I didn't have when I left my car: shifting, electrical, tail light wasn't broken; driver side rear bumper wasn't damaged, inside interior was not damaged plus windows open and close without problems. Guess what?? I now have these problems and I only brought my car in because of the transmission. I advise all consumers bring a mechanic friend with you or record all verbal transactions with these guys because they will ***.

I have waiting now 5 weeks for my car and still nothing. Spoke to corporate and BBB hopefully I will get some help soon. Yes, I notified “Help me Howard”. I’m sure Aamco would love the negative publicity they will be getting. “R” from the Aamco in Staten Island NY also told me I was going to get my car last week in front of a witness. That witness can’t believe his word was not truth.

All I ask for is my car and my money back so I can take it to someone that can get the job done in a timely fashion.

Monetary Loss: $4420.

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