Dana Point, California

Zero stars (if possible) - I won't be coming here again, very unprofessional, super shady. I was having major transmission problems with my Chevy truck, called; they said to bring it down for a free inspection.

I asked over the phone what would it cost to have the transmission rebuilt and they said they couldn't tell me until they inspected it. The car limped into the shop. Again, I asked what the worst case scenario would cost me – a transmission rebuild. Jimmy said he didn't know – wouldn’t even ballpark it (yeah, right.

A guy who specializes in rebuilding transmissions doesn’t know what it would cost for a Chevy truck). Jimmy called three hours later to tell me the transmission fluid was burnt and there were metal shavings in the fluid, informed me it would cost $895 to check out the damage. At this point I knew, and I suspect he knew the transmission was toast. Now it’s going to cost me $895, plus whatever the rebuild costs, which he won’t tell me.

So AGAIN, I ask. Jimmy told me that he wouldn't know until he took it apart. So, wanting to believe this guy wasn’t shady, I okay the inspection, as the truck was not drivable at this point, and now knowing that their “free inspection” actually costs $895. I guess Jimmy felt more comfortable with my $895 in his pocket because three hours later he finally told me the cost of the rebuild, which was parts plus $2,000 labor, and that I had to pay for the repairs up front with a credit card – shady, as I’ve never had to pay up front for auto repairs before.

When I went to pick the truck up five days later, it was filthy and there were hand prints on the hood. When I talked to the owner, Andrew, about my dissatisfaction, he suddenly agreed to double the warranty to 2 years/24,000 miles, which I got in writing, but still not as good as other repair shops that offered 3 years/100,000 miles.

Summary: Free inspection costs $895, and they won’t disclose the cost for repairs until you agree to pay for them first, inferior warranty for the work… all shady business practices. Bottom line, you've been warned.

Andrew and Jimmy?

I’ll be writing to corporate about you two.

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