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Wripped Off | Aamco review from Humble, Texas

Me and my husband brought my 2007 chevy cobalt to the AAMCO Transmission at 1904 East FM 1960 BYPASS Humble,Tx 77338 to correct the problem with the engine light being on.The Owner Jay Streckfus kept my car for three and a half weeks without correcting the problem.We had to call him to get an update on it and the lady Sharon and him would give us the run around.When we went to get my car me and my husband ask the mechanic which of them worked on my car and they would say to talk with jay.He act as if he correct the problem but he didn't he also lied and said he change the oxygen sensor my husband looked under the hood and saw the lie he told us as if we were *** or something.We want our refund back because he didn't correct it and don't feel comfortable going there with all the lies that was told to us.Not to mention keeping my car for almost a month and if we wouldn't have call he was not bothering to call us.My husband ask him to show us the parts the mechanic so call took off and he gave us a lame excuse that the mechanic did away with it.We called the corporate office and talked with a Ms. Smith and sent her information pertaining to my car on 8-23-2013 and now awaiting on a response.We really need you to intervene I'm afraid to drive my car i believe they did something to the transmission because it jerks while driving and when i come to a stop it wasn't like that before.Our name is Mr.Kerry&Sandra Patton (832)499-2168 or(832)499-2169.
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AAMCO took advantage of a widow ,and lied

I stopped at Aamco ,in Humble on 1960 in May. My car was jumping when I started off and my check engine light was on. I had my 87 year old mother with me ( my dad 92, was in the hospital) I needed not to get stranded some place so I trusted Aamco to be honest with me. Jay told me he would put it on the machine and do a free check. 30 min's after we arrived he comes in the waiting area and says" Good news...all it needs is the transmission flushed and that would cost 195.00...I said ...Are you sure that is all that is wrong? and hesitated because of the 195.00...He said.." I'll tell you what...if that doesn't fix it "Ill give it to you for free!"...I said then OK...! 1 hour later he comes back in the area and said well that didn't work...BUT I STILL HAVE TO CHARGE YOU...He said he would then give me the 195. off of pulling the transmission...But he could not tell me how much then we would be talking about. NOW I DO NOT TRUST HIM AT ALL AND FELT HELPLESS IN A MANS WORLD....BUT he flat out lied about doing the work for free...IS THIS THE WAT AMMCO TREATS ALL IT'S WOMEN CUSTOMERS THAT ARE WIDOWS.
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The worst part of this is: you think you should be treated special. You are not special.


You should have denied to pay him anything if he told you it was free. Did you sign paperwork saying it was free?

I don't think there's ever been a problem in the history of cars that was fixed by a transmission flush.

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