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We took our car in because it wasn’t shifting correctly. At first we were assured it could be fixed, and were charged $1500.

Two days later we were informed that the problem they “repaired” wasn’t the problem, and it would cost an additional $900 to “fix” it this time. We refused to pay this additional cost. When we asked them to put our car back as it was and refund our money they refused. Long story short, it took them 24 days to reset our computer (resetting a computer takes approx.

1 hour). Our car went to 3 different locations in AZ (9723 E Southern Ave., 5026 E Main, and 2341 S Val Vista). Every day we had to call and speak to managers. In the end, though we DID pay for many frivolous repairs, I will admit, it seemed to be shifting correctly.

The HUGE crack in our windshield when we got it back though was not Aamco’s problem, since we couldn’t PROVE it wasn’t there when we brought the car in.

What a nightmare!

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #884673

Had a bad experience with the Aamco on Country Club in Mesa AZ. Fixed the wrong problem and charged 2000.00 for a spring.

to Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, United States #884676

Also reported to AZ AG office.


I had a very bad experience with this company and advice all people not to bring your car there. they will rip you off.

and there is nothing you can do about it.

they even took part from my car. the worse worse worse worse worse company ever.

Stay away for your own good


Less than a week later, and the shifting problem returned. Needless to say this time we took it to the dealer.

In the end, the windshield will remain cracked until it's considered illegal or until we can afford to replace it. None of this is Aamcos problem, but Aamco sure caused many problems for us.

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