Seattle, Washington
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"I don't like your *** mouth, get out. You just came here to call me a liar." The last words I heard from Damian before he stormed out of his office and went to hide in the work bays.

I had taken my son's Murano in to have the oil changed and ended up losing the vehicle over the Memorial Day weekend because I was foolish enough to trust them to get the correct part to repair the power steering. Ends up that the replacement part was the wrong one and the only other available part was on the east coast and two days away. So, they kept it over the long weekend. (Wonder how the rest of the west coast Murano owners fare when they need parts?) When my son picked the vehicle up, the windshield was broken...

Didn't ask them to pay for it, just wanted to know how it happened. Damian said he would review the security tapes and let me know. Never called, but said he did. Don't know about yours, but my cell phone offers voicemail and call history.

Nothing. I went back down today to inquire and he didn't remember me or anything about the incident. But, his memory improved the more he talked. "Impossible" was the word he purportedly received from Nissan concerning whether the stress from the lift could've caused the crack.

"we haven't broken a windshield in 40 years" was his next statement. I asked if he had worked there 40 years... Reply indicated he had not but his boss had owned it for a long time. Then he told me they had (miraculously) security cameras that had zoomed in on the windshield while on the lift and after it was back in the lot.

No cracks. When I asked to see the footage, it wasn't there & wasn't available for me to view. When I said I didn't think I believed that, he became verbally abusive(see first paragraph) and stormed out. Forgot one scene...

He offered to pay for half the windshield & I told him I didn't want his money, I just wanted someone to look me in the eye and apologize. When he stormed out, he said in addition to everything else, that "I'm not paying for half of your *** windshield, get out."

Monetary Loss: $220.

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This would sound incredible if I didnt experience the same maddening type of experience.

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