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Well after my contact with you , the Aamco station did call me to confirm my truck was all set ready to pick up . This was from a new manager. He goes on explaining that the seal between the trans and transfer case blew and fluid from transmission won’t in to the transfer case . He told me it was all set. I explained to him the original issue that has been the problem all along he told me that he would test drive it and I never heard back from him that day. I drive by the shop my truck is missing from parking lot . I looked in the building it was on a lift in side. And still waiting their call.

Because this issue has been going on and several others for over a year now.....

In good faith I’m asking for a 1 year extension on my warranty .

Because I’m sure my warranty will be up shortly after I get my truck And quite frankly I can no longer believe anything they tell me at that shop after the all these fiascos I have been through and the things I have been told.

Yes I am a certified mechanic and I know when I’m getting fed a line of bs. This is why I was fed up and I seemed out and contacted you.

I miss driving my truck , I’m the 2nd owner

Scott chase

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Truck Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You never told us "the original issue". If you're a certified mechanic, why did you have to rely on a chain like AAMCO where they probably don't know as much as you do ?

Any good tradesman has a list of industry contacts upon whom he relies for assistance and advice. I don't understand why you'd pick the least competent persons just because they hung out a sign.

I didn't think I was a dentist just because I bought a high speed drill ... I will upvote you because you're unhappy but question your methods.

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