1215 W Columbia St, Springfield, OH 45504, USA
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Took my saturn in to get a estimate for a gas leak coming from the back. Come into pick it up after being told 2 gas line's would be 816.00$.

They pulled my car to the edge of the parking lot. An hour later I'm leaving Kroger's and noticed that my hood wasn't latched, I get closer and realize my *** grill is gone,and they broke my hood release.

And of course when I take it back they deny any responsibility for the b.s. I will bash these crack heads till the day I die.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To everyone.I have something that i want to let people's know about the AMMCO shop services. Myself i had a problem with them at .157 Tully road, San Jose, Calif 95111..

I bring my car to the AMMCO shop, a( Asian guy) .who is a employee there .I explained to him my car have a problem with the engine light on .His told me if I want to fix, for checkout what wrong it cost $120 . I say okay and let my car there. Couple hour later his calling me and saying his had found what wrong with the car and if I want to fix it it cost me $959 . I asking him ,are you sure after that my car will be okay and i can take to the smog check shop.

His telling me no problem .But after i pay for what his put down on the receipt. Change all the new parts it cost up to $959 .After i pay almost $1.000 dollar for .But the problem still .The engine light still on, i drove back and let him know that my car still have problem with the engine light. His don't let me talk ,and start yelling at me. Calling me a *** get the *** out of here and don't come back.

Am so mad ,i can't believe the service talking to me like that ?I lost my money for cheating at AMMCO SERVICE SHOP .I'm writing this letter would like to let people's know. So they can watch out, that all i want to say .Sincerely.Ninhky.San jose ,May ,26,2018.

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