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Update by user Mar 26, 2012

I also wanted to say when I asked dodge how long it would take them to fix it they said bout a day. So why did I need a rental for 3 1/2 weeks?

I didn\'t but, as soon as we can get the money to take them to court in here Jacksonville nc We are.

Please Jacksonville NC residents take your vehicle somewhere else. I am sure I am not the only one they folled around with.

Update by user Mar 26, 2012

I took my truck to Dodge in Wilmington and found out the real problem to the my vehicle and when I told Charlie Bout what they found he said we were pulling up those codes too but, then I told him that they didn\'t even mention that to me and it was going to cost as much as the rental did and I told him instead of me paying for the rental I could have been putting that money into my truck to fix and he said well we don\'t tell people if their brakes are going bad because we try not to get more money from the consumer. I told him well thats bout dumb becuase you could tell the consumer and they can decide to have the other parts fixed or not.

So now I guess my Husband and I are going to take them to small claims court and any further action. They have not yet gave me a correct reciept for what they did to my truck.

Original review posted by user Feb 23, 2012

I took my truck to them back on Sept 11, 2011 they were suppose to have rebuilt the transmission at that time. I took it in because it was running high RPM'S and only one time it did not want to go into reverse.

So I took it to them. When I get my truck back after they said it was fixed I take it for a drive and about 20 miles later my engine light came on. (which had never did before) So I took it back to them. I was pregnant at the time and needed a vehicle and didn't have the money for a rental.

So They told me I could drive it around and when I get the chance to bring it in then they can work on it. (Remind you after they "rebuilt" the transmission they had a warranty on it for 100,000 miles or 4 years.) So they had to be the ones I had to take it back to. Well On febuary 3, 2012 I then took it back to them. Sad story was On Feb 7th my husband and I had to take our Daughter to South Carolina to find out if my daughter needed surgery.

Well, they called me back again on Monday the 6th of Feb again telling us the truck was ready, Remind u had now had a rental since the 3rd of Febuary. So we pick up the truck on the 6th we drove it for about 20 miles and the engine light came on again. I took it back,. still keeping the rental they told us we could drive it to South Carolina but, if it gets worst to call him,.

WHAT/?/?? what are they gonna do if it breaks down in Sc? So my husband said why don't we keep the rental until Friday of Feb 10th and let them keep the truck to fix. So thats what we did.

The Guy promised us it would be done By no later then the 10th of Febuary. But, In fact it was not. When I called on that Friday he said they have to order the parts and it will be in on Monday and my truck will then be done. So I called back On Monday the 13th of feb 2012, He said the parts had just came in and it should be ready by Tuesday the 14th.

So I called Tuesday the 14th and he then again told me the parts just cam in and it will then be ready By WED the 15th. So I called the 15th. He continued to tell me it's not ready yet. So On Thursday I called and he said the truck was ready I get it back with more problems.

We returned the rental on this day and later that night my engine light came back on so I called them back the very next day. we brought it to them and Friday THE 17TH when I called he came out and said I talked the company in paying for a rental up to 30.00 dollars a day?????? Remind you the time we had the rental to the time we dropped the rental off it already costed 535.24 dollars. so we got another rental and which by this time after the 535 we already put 188.00 dollars into another one.

they paid less than 144.00 dollars for the 3 to 4 days. But guess what??? Yeap My truck is running and acting a lot better.

He said it was the Transmission Pump that was wrong with it. Why Wouldn't you check this out first???/??/?

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