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Update by user Mar 24, 2016

Today March 24, 2016, Chris called to let me know that my mustang was fixed and ready to be picked up. I am very happy to say that Chris replaced my motor with a good motor and had to replace other parts also.

He didn't charge me for replacing the extra parts. I am extremely satisfied with everything they did to my car. I am very happy to report that my car runs like a new car. It is so quiet and has never had the power it does now.

I am now a very satisfied AAMCO customer and if I need any more repairs done, I would have no problem getting them done at the Riverside AAMCO.

Thank you Chris Wardrop for making everything right and doing more than you had to. I am so happy driving my car.

Original review posted by user Mar 11, 2016

On 2/11/16, I took my mustang to AAMCO to see why my transmission was leaking an excessive amount of fluid. When I dropped it off, the manager Thomas, did the paperwork and told me they would call me in 4-5 hours to let me know what was wrong with my car.

Thomas drove my car around to the back of the shop. I went home and did not hear back from them until the next day on 2/12/16. Thomas called and told me that my engine was leaking oil from several places and my transmission was leaking from many places. My engine was misfiring also.

They told me that my transmission was wore out so I told them to rebuild it and fix the oil leaks. The total cost was $5,140.72. I didn't hear from them for two weeks. I got a call on 2/25/16 saying that my car was done and ready to be picked up.

I picked the car up and I didn't even get a block away when the service engine soon light came on and my car couldn't go faster than 5 mph. I took it right back and went into the office and told Thomas that my service engine soon light was on. He said it was because all of the fluids had been changed and it would go off on its own. I also told him about the lack of power so he got the machine that reads the fault codes and discovered the code was P1406 Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor Downstream hose on plug 7.

I told him to drive my car with me around the block so he could see what I was talking about. He was shocked that it had no power. He pulled in the the shop and we went back in the office and he said they would check it out and call me that day. I didn't hear back from them until 2/27/16.

They said they had fixed my car and it was ready to be picked up. I went and picked it up and drove out to visit a friend in Sun City, CA. When I was driving it on the freeway, I noticed it was shifting ok in overdrive but when overdrive was off it was staying in first gear. When I got off the freeway and was at a red light I was looking at my gauges.

My oil pressure gauge and my battery gauge went down all the way and then they went back up to halfway then they went back down and went back up to halfway. I parked my car in front of my friends house and borrowed her car to drive down to AAMCO and tell them they need to tow my car back to there shop and fix the problem. They towed it back to there shop the next day and I went back the next day and talked to Thomas. He said they couldn't get the car to duplicate the problem and he said if I authorized him to drive my car to his house in murrieta that night so he could see if he could get my car to duplicate the problem.

I authorized him to drive it to his house. I only authorized Thomas and no one else. I called on March 1, 2016 to see if Thomas had drove it home and what was the problem. The guy who answered the phone said Thomas did drive it and he found the problem and it would be a couple of days before it was ready.

I didn't hear back from them and went down there on March 3, 2016. When I walked in the office the owner, Chris, was there. I told him I wanted to know what was going on with the mustang. Chris said they never test drive cars 50 plus miles, and that Thomas had drove it to his house in murrieta and back to the shop and another guy drove it to anaheim and while they were driving it, it got hot and they heard a knocking noise.

They were driving my car knowing about it losing oil pressure and they let it overheat. Chris said that they were getting a motor for my car because it needs a motor. He said if they would of known that my motor was no good they would of gotten a motor when they did the transmission. There was never nothing wrong with my motor when I took it to them.

Chris said that they hadn't called me because they were figuring out the costs first. Chris said that I was going to have to pay the motor off first before they would give me my car back. I told him that I couldn't afford the $5000 that they already were charging me. I told him to give me my keys and I wanted my car back.

They said that they were giving me a good deal on a motor with a discounted price of $1300. I can't believe that I took my car in for a transmission leak and now I need a motor. I am disputing the financing because I now have a car that I can't drive which was my only car.

They had three chances to fix my car and now it can't be fixed. I want some type of resolution that isn't going to cost me thousands of dollars more.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5141.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Nightmare Experience
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On March 15, 2016, Chris the owner of Aamco in riverside, ca, called and told me that they wanted to make things right. He said he was going to put a good used motor in my car at no cost to me.

He told me to bring my mustang down and it would take about 2 weeks and my car should be fixed right. He said that they already ordered the motor. This was the same motor that they were going to give me a discounted price on but I had to pay it off before they were going to give me back my car. Now they aren't charging me for it.

I never needed a motor before they worked on it. Hopefully it is fixed right. I don't trust driving it anymore. I always trusted driving it before Aamco sabotaged it.

I just wanted to say that Chris is doing the right thing by putting a motor in it at no extra cost. I already am in the hole $5000 and still don't have a car to drive right now.

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