Corona, California

Had the transmission rebuilt by AAMCO in corona, Ca. After being able to safely pull over I called AAA for a tow and while waiting I looked under the truck and trans fluid was running onto the ground. No evidence of freeway debris breaking a line or putting *** through the Trans case.

I then proceeded to call AAMCO, the store that had did the rebuild to let them know I was bringing the truck back in as it was still under waranty. The truck was dropped off and for four days I've been hearing were waiting for a rack to open up now mind you Ive been calling them not once have they kept me informed.

So with only one car running in the family I stand to loose work which means loose money in turn Ill have to rent a small car till the trans is fixed, and ofcourse AAMCO will not pay you for the cost of the rental. So while the money jobs are being worked on in their shop my warrant job sits on the back burner.

Ill never do buisness with AAMCO again and will share this site on social media.

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