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We have a 2005 Saturn L300. The transmission had problems at around 95,000 miles.

We took it to AAMCO in Puyallup Washington. Their address is: 10212 122nd St E. They told us the transmission was shot along with the torque converter. I asked them to show me the torque converter that they had taken off and they could not produce it.

They said they had sent in as a swap for the one they replaced. We picked up the car and drove about 50 miles to our friends house on the peninsula. The transmission was still shifting very hard and making noise. We took it back they said we also had to replace the radiator.

So after replacing the radiator and putting a rebuilt transmission and new torque converter in we drove it home. Total cost of the repairs was around $4300.00 After we picked the car up last December the Traction control switch did not turn on. We decided not to take it back because the car was drivable. Last week my wife was driving home from the airport and the transmission was clunking in first and second gears.

She called AAMCO and they sent a tow truck to pick up the car. This was on Thursday morning. My wife informed them that the Traction control switch was not coming on and they said they would check it out. On Monday they called us and said they could not find anything wrong.

My wife asked them about the traction control light and the said they forgot to look at it. Now today they said they replaced the switch and it still does not work so the are looking at the wiring. They said they would call us tomorrow. I know when a transmission shifts hard in first and second you can add heavier transmission fluid to keep the noise from occurring during shifting.

This is what I think they have done. They do not want to drop the transmission and look inside because they know it needs to be rebuilt again.

I think they also messed up the wiring last December when they did the initial rebuild of the transmission. I guess I have to get a Lawyer involved.

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