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Not sure if I am wasting more of my time by continuing, but will place my dealings out there.

I have an extended warranty on my car, which covers what I went into Aamco for service. Aamco is highly recognizable, so I thought I might get good service.

I guess each store is different, since they are a franchise.

Stopped in at the Bear, De location. Met with Joe, the store manager. First meeting went smooth and while I was waiting for his tech to look at my car, Joe's wife came in. Ironically, I knew her through business going back to 2000.

I thought certainly I was in good hands. Boy was I wrong!

My warranty wanted to purchase a transmission far less than what AAMCO wanted. AAMCO sold me the difference between the two transmission and the fact AAMCO was National. Each transmission carried the same warranty, but I mistakenly went with advice from Joe.

Two weeks went by from the day I originally left my car with AAMCO.

I finally picked up my car, but unfortunately did not look car over. Driving for a week or so, I noticed leaking. Called Joe and he stated a breather valve was most likely allowing excess fluid out and that it should stop. A couple more days, I went to put air in my tires and noticed my locking lug nut on each front tire were missing.

Again, I called Joe. He did not show any concern and attempted to place the reason on them falling off. Wait,,,,it gets better!

Had my oil change back on August 6 and they noticed my transmission leaking. Since Bear AAMCO is 70+ Miles, I took it to an AAMCO in Egg Harbor Township.

Another guy name Joe met with me and took my car in for service. He stated that he would contact Bear location and discuss with them. After looking over car and speaking with BEar location, I was told my car needed to be taking back in to Bear location to be repaired. I was not really explained why, but when I called and spoke with Joe in Bear, he stated the National Warranty has not been entered in the system and that I was still working under my extended car warranty.

Joe indicated he would send tow truck to pick up car. I tried to explain the inconvenience of me sending to Bear, but it fell on deaf ears. He stated that it was no rush, but needed to be taking care of.

I called Bear location last Monday and spoke with Jerry. I explained my situation and also explained the missing locking lug nuts, which he found in shop ( at least someone took the time to locate).

I told Jerry that I wanted to come in Wednesday to have car fixed. Jerry stated that Joe was out on test drive with technician and would need to call me back. I am still waiting for that call.

In the meantime, I mistakenly place a review on the Egg Harbor Townships website of my experience and a rating of one star. A guy by the name of Geral called me concerning review.

He indicated that they would be happy to fix my car and that it does not need to be taken to the Bear location, Gerald also show concerned of experience and wanted to make my situation better. I explained that my experience with his staff and shop was excellent. He suggested I call AAMCO Customer Relation Team, which I did and waiting to catch up with them. I am sure they are busy.

Moral of story....be very aware of up sale and don't think they have your back.

I did and paid more than I needed with lousy customer service. At least with the Bear location.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $7250.

Preferred solution: refund of AAMCO pricing and my time lost dealing with situation.

Aamco Cons: Sales approach arrogance attitude terrible customer service.

  • Bear Delaware Location
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