I had my VW Jetta looked at by the dealer and other shops. They all told me I needed a new transmission.

After taking it to AAMCO in Glendale for a 4th opinion, I was told I didnt need a transmission at all. They took the time and explained how a transmission works and that many times they didnt need to remove the transmission to fix it. It's hard to find a mechanic shop that is honest and treats women w/ respect. Both John and Enrique were GREAT and didnt make me feel like a dummy.

They were professional and explained things to me in plain English I would reccommend them anytime..Tell them Samantha w/ the Jetta sent you..they"ll get a kick.

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Great Job AAMCO at posting your own compliment. Do you think any one would buy this load of ***.

You are perfect at financially raping people by ripping them off.

I hope you all burn in *** *** bags.. :( :(


do you work for or date anyone at that AAMCO center? your story reeks of falsehoods, you my dear are full of *** 8)

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