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I dropped my car off to be analyzed for a transmission repair on November 29 2010 with my boyfriend. For 2 weeks I waited for an analysis of my vehicle.

I didn't stress the time frame as it was right after the holidays and I had another vehicle to drive. This was my second car that I only use for traveling. On December 10th my boyfriend tells me that he made a deal with the company to fix my car. A deal I never knew about and never authorized.

I was really upset that he even was able to talk to them about my car. So I called AAMCO and spoke to the owner JOSEPH. I asked what deal did he and BOB (the initial rep) make with my boyfriend. He told me that he had an agreement to fix my car and that he would have it ready in January as he had people who needed their car ready in two days and that mine could wait.

I was completely shocked at everything he was saying because at this time I still had not even received a diagnosis of my vehicle. I told him that I didn't authorize AAMCO to work on my vehicle and my boyfriend had no right to tell you to do so. JOSPEH then tries to tell me that my now "husband" can give him authorization on my vehicle because he brought my car in to be analyzed. I then informed him that he was delusional as I brought my car in with him, I gave him the authorization to analyze it, I signed the agreement, and its my car owned solely by me.

He then tells me why is my boyfriends name on the top of the agreement. I then returned the question, as I didn't even notice his name was at the top. I wasn't reading the contact info I was reading where I had to sign. He then scrambles threw his paper work and realizes that I was the person who brought the car in and I should've been the only one spoken to about my car.

My boyfriends number was one of out three numbers I gave this company to contact me at. Yet they chose his cell to call. He then tells me that I have to pay $695 to have my transmission put back into my car. I told him it would be a cold day in *** before I give him a dime, as I never told them to take it out in the first place.

He told me that he didn't even have to talk to me. He just needed to talk to my boyfriend. This even more pushed me over the edge so I informed him that I know my rights and I would be there to pick up my vehicle and that I would seek legal action against him if necessary. I hung up the phone and less than 2 minutes later I have a message on my job phone informing me that the owner said he would waive the $695 and that I had to pick up my vehicle from his property by 5pm that day.

The owner then calls my boyfriend and informs him that he had to release my car to me because he had no legal right to touch it and that if he had signed the paper he would make sure he got his $695 for just the removal of the transmission not repair or anything. So I called to have a tow truck pick up my vehicle and returned to my home. When I returned home my vehicle was in pieces. My muffler was hanging off my car.

My transmission was in the trunk, and there were solid chains hanging off my vehicle. I asked the tow company and they maybe left the chains by mistake. They informed me that the chains were on the vehicle when they picked it up and they thought they were mine. Now I drove my car to AAMCO so that was the condition it was in when I brought it.

I called the company and of course Joseph isn't in but BOB was. Poor Bob!! He should have never answered the phone. The nice version is that I informed them that I would seek legal action now.

I will make sure everyone in our small area knows what kind of service these (bleep bleep) are rendering and what they think they will get away with.

I also contacted our states Attorney General and I plan to go to the Mayors office to make an official complaint. I will let any and every website that offers the ability to share your experience know what type of people are running such establishments and what kind of experience to expect!

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Can you please provide the location of this Aamco?


Good for you. They take advantage of people.

Stay away from large chains.

They have too much power and you will have to fight harder to get your money back. I recommend talking to an instructor at a local community college auto repair program and ask if he knows of someone good.

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