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I went to this shop to have my transmission diagnoised and repaired and when they tore it down they showed us what is wrong and gave an outrageous price for the repairs( $3200). We paid them for the diagnosis and work done of $359 and we decided to get a second opinion at a Ford dealership.

We had our vehicle towed with our transmission in pieces the Ford dealership inspected and informed us that several parts were severely damaged and quite a few parts did not belong to an actual tranmission nor were the parts that were given to us belong to our transmission . We should have known that when John (the manager) tried to give us the wrong torch converter and we had to correct him on spot to get the right one. The owner Jason Pryor is no better than the shop across the street (Rain water's Transmission). We actually spoke to one of Jason's guys at the shop and he gave us his cell phone number and said this happens quite frequently.

Jason was very defensive and rude and lacks severely in customer service and his shop is extremely untrustworthy. Mr. Pryor was more concerned that I had his cell phone number than he was that his employees and possibly including him are trying to make people pay new prices from "stolen" parts from people who chose not to use his shop after a diagnosis and quote. I have also contacted the BBB and will follow up with a complaint made to Aamco Corporate.

Should anyone else have a similar issue and want Mr.

Pryor's cell phone number and the corporate contact please let me know. I will be happy to share.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aamco Cons: Entire shop, Shop and service.

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We take out reputation quite seriously, so here is our response to these untrue accusations:

-I spoke with the husband, George, on 10/29. I offered EXACTLY what his wife asked for: A refund of what they paid us.

I said I would immediately refund their money back so long as I was able to speak with the Ford dealership they took the vehicle to so we could verify the parts were missing. After asking several times for the name of the dealership, George refused each and every time to give me the name of the Ford Dealership nor would he provide me a copy of his invoice showing he had to pay for the parts he claimed were missing. He would only say he would have Phillip, the service manager at the Ford dealership, call me. I have still not heard from Phillip.

I called the 5 Ford dealerships in our area, SW Ford in Weatherford, Auto Nation Ford, Auto Nation South Fort Worth Ford, Texas Motor Ford and Five Star Ford. Not one of them has a service manager named Phillip. I find it quite interesting that I offered the customer back over $300 with the only condition being that I speak with the Service Manager at the supposed Ford Dealership they took their vehicle to so I could verify the claim of missing parts and he dodged giving me a straight answer several times? Not to mention there is no Phillip working at any of the Ford dealerships in the Fort Worth area?

If George or his wife tries to dispute how the above referenced conversation went, I have the phone call which I would be happy to share.

-John the manager did call the husband asking why they left a negative review and were making untrue accusations against us. We take the reputation of our shop quite seriously, as should any business.

-The ‘outrageous price’ included all updates to the transmission, heavy duty parts (E250 van used for for commercial purposes) and a 3 year, nationwide, unlimited mileage warranty.

-All parts were placed in the box as requested by the customer. No parts were kept on our end

-Our rebuilder is the one that caught the wrong TORQUE Converter.

(It is not a TORCH converter as the customer says in her complaint). We immediately located the correct one and corrected OUR mistake before the vehicle left our shop. It stands to reason that if this customer was going to correct a transmission shop on giving them an incorrect part, would they not know what that part is called? -Our most junior employee has been with the company since 2012.

They are held to a high and ethical standard by the owner. No employee gave the customer Jason’s name and phone number.

Nor were they ever told this happens frequently because it simply does not happen with our shop. David B General Manager

@David B

Hey David is there a number you can be reached at

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