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I put my 07 Expedition in the shop 12-15-17 at Edmond OK had a check engine light they said it was a correlation between the crack and the cam ( IE Cam timing lose with crank timing chain going bad) since the truck had 250K on it repairing the cam chains want be done but the motor needed replacing they wanted over $9k I said what does the motor cost $5500 plus labor, I asked if I could get my own motor they didn't really say no or yes so I purchased and re-manufactured motor it arrived within two days It actually didn't get installed for another two weeks during this time they started looking for other issues like worn power steering, AC and transmission lines they claim a power steering was leaking never had to add any fluid to anything from a leak. they spent nearly three weeks trying to find a power steering line, all this time not firing up the engine.

Finally had to have one line made since the line was no longer being made. Once that was done they start to work on the motor. The mechanic said it took him an hour and a half to prime the oil pump, that in its self is bad and i hope it hasn't damaged the motor. So the time comes to start the engine it doesn't work because they claim the injectors are bad and the coil packs and all should be replaced to make matters worse the connections to the injectors are all broken and want stay on the injectors.

They were good never had an issue and it would cost over $800 to replace just the connectors, I asked how much more will it cost and will this fix it, over $3000.00 more and nothing as to whether it would fix it, so I said no more I'm bringing home. This is the hard part to believe all this stuff worked before I drove it to them even they drove it into the service stall, now all of the coils or even part are bad all the injectors have to be replaced and $900 Dollars of hoses and belt rollers and trans tubing power steering and the motor still doesn't run. When you ask why this stuff is bad when it was good you get silence if you keep asking then they say because it was taken apart and things go bad if that's the case why doesn't those parts go bad when you hit a bad bump or change plugs etc. Do not take your vehicle to AAMCO if you do be prepared for them to find stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the work you brought it in for.

I took it once to have the fluid changed in my trans they replace the throttle body on the intake and still didn't change all the fluid in my trans. this should have been a red flag for taking the truck in for and engine swap. I usually do my own work but really thought I could be an average person and once have somebody do it my bad. I don't do much with Transmissions but have changed many motors and know what to look for on most of the vehicles.

Just be aware you will get screwed try Christian Bros. they seam to have a good Rep. if there in your area. Oh when they say they will call you with an update don't believe it I always had to call except once and that call was the straw that broke the camels back to the tune of over $3000.

You have been warned oh and they do have a scripted way of communicating with you. ( AAMCO Total Car Care personal must answer your questions from a script that has over 20 rebuttals to avoid giving you a "Price" or answer over the phone.Their goal is to get your car in the shop, disassemble your transmission and force the overhaul with scripted, rehearsed answers. They Never answer your question directly, try it at any AAMCO.

The results are the same as this is Corporate mandated policy and employees have been fired for not following the "Script". Phony people and organization with only your wallet as their goal.Go somewhere else and be treated with honest answers not scripted rebuttals!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Truck Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aamco Cons: Bad experience issue not resolved.

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