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I find the AAMCO people at the Brampton AAMCO transmission extremely rude. Tel number: 905-459-9876.

It is very difficult to talk to them. I changed my transmission in April 2012, 2 days after driving out of the agency the red clutch light was on. I was away; I called a few times to complain because I was out of town, but did not worry because I had a warranty. The car was getting stuck in the gears intermittently as well.

When I came back and showed them the problem, they diagnosed a new problem, master clutch cylinder and sleeve cylinder problem. Is this not a problem that should have been recognized when they were rebuilding the clutch? I found it very hard to talk to these people because they were practically shouting at me. I find it unfair that I have had to pay twice for an almost similar service in less than 4 moths.

My light was never on before they rebuilt the transmission, but came on after they rebuilt it. These guys are so intimidating it is hard to have a decent conversation with them. Is it because I am a small woman so they basically bully and shout at the customer? Is the fact that I am being charged twice correct?

They do not even give you transport when you live your car, they happily call for a taxi and will have you pay for it..I do not even trust these guys

Please talk to them about having good customer service – AAMCO Transmission, Brampton, Ontario Canada. Very very rude people !

and you will be charged an arm and a leg, they rebuilt my transmission , differet cost then they recharged me when i revisisted for changing the master clutch and sleeve..something i strongly believe was connected to the intial transmission rebuilt becuase my car never had a red clutch light on until after the change in transmission

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I took my vehicle in last year and I was assured by the manager himself that I would pay a fixed amount for the repairs of my car.

When I went to pickup my car, an additional $900 was applied under the rouse of having to order "special parts". When I contested the new price, the manager threatened to call the police. He was so smug and arrogant about it to. I did not back down and told him to go ahead and call the police.

When they showed up, I explained the situation to the officers and they said I could either pay them the new price or I could take them to court (seeing as how they refused to release my car). My car has been in their possession since last year and the matter is now before the courts.

Not only did they jack the price up, but they took a week longer than they said they would take to complete the job, but they never bothered to call me and let me know . Instead, I had to call them to find out why I did not get a call from them on the day they said my car would be ready.

Sorry but I am not going to ripped off, and deal with slow service.

Do yourself (and your bank account) a HUGE favor and find another transmission place unless you have money to burn or if you want to get even with your ex at their expense.

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