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I had my transmission rebuilt at the aamco on American pacific In Henderson NV back on 4/2016 I payed 3000 for the repairs. I was out of town for work and my wife had dropped it off and made all the arrangements she was told it would have 3 yr 50,000 mike warranty.

After the truck was picked up the next day I noticed a rattling noise that got louder when I accelerated or rpms went up. I brought it back and they could not duplicate or find the problem, and was told it’s fine.i use my truck everyday for work. About 4 months later i noticed it shifting weird I called and spoke to Kenny and told him about it he said bring it in. It took me about a week or so to bring it in due to having to find a vehicle for work.

He had it for about 3 days and couldn’t duplicate my problem. I picked it up it seemed to be fine. About another 5 months it started acting up again same problem but this time check engine light would flash. I brought it back and was told it must be the computer went off line and was not communicating with the transmission they said they rest the computer and everything should be good.

A month later I was on a long drive to my inlaws house and my transmission temp went to hot. I pulled over let it cool down and finished the drive. The next morning I called Kenny and told him he said bring it in ASAP I brought it in and he said transmission went offline and they changed the burnt fluid and filter and flushed the transmission. I picked it up and all seemed great until about two weeks ago it started the same problem as the first but this time it was worse it wasn’t shifting in gear it was slipping.

I was told the trans went offline again and took out the transmission this time and it needed to be rebuilt again he would cover labor but not parts.

Kenny said parts were going to be 1500-1800 but on the original bill parts were only 1211 when I asked about that he said that what he had to do play with numbers for tax reasons. I am a very unsatisfied customer the transmission only has about 32000 miles on it

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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