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I had very very bad experience with AMMCO. Do not do service at AMMCO.

They will rip you of completely. They don't car about customer at all. They are liar. They told gave me estimate on phone and final bill became twice the estimate.

They made my car even worst and messed up with other parts too.

I had very very bad experience with AMMCO. Do not do service at AMMCO. They will rip you of completely. They don't car about customer at all.

They are liar. They told gave me estimate on phone and final bill became twice the estimate.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #234140

Sad you condemn all franchise chains when you have a bad experience with one of them.

Just think of it this way, the problem you had was a result of one or two people at that shop.

So now you want to hang a bad reputation on thousands of people around the USA because one or two made a mistake?

If a person behind the counter at a McDonalds overcharged you or burnt your food, are you going to never eat at another franchise food service chain? Does that make KFC bad, too?


The sensors here are waaayyy to sensitive the starred out word above is J-e-r-k


$1200 was my starting price as well. General Manager said definitely between $1200 to $2000, once inside the transmission you are already in it for $1000 for labor so when they then tell you it's going to be $3000 (in my case) it makes no sense to back out now and pay $1000 for the estimate. It's sort of a bait and trap, it's a sales trick, really sad that nobody is truly honest these days.

I realize they really don't know exactly what parts are bad until they are examined but the general manager believed it was the original tranny in it since 1995 and 260,000 miles later, so if that were true, logic would have predicted that all major parts must be replaced and that I might be looking at $3000 to $5000 range. From the start red flags kept popping up, I spoke with the actual mechanic working on my tranny who said it had been rebuilt before, now the valve body is bad so we wait through the weekend.

Monday the supplier sends a bad valve body, truck still does not shift properly so they send out for another, then they send the wrong valve body, another day goes by then they send out for another valve body. If that doesn't work today then they are prepared to send out to replace all the parts inside the supposed rebuilt valve body and hopefully it is the valve body and nothing else inside the tranny but the mechanic is positive the problem is in the valve body, so far the truck is in the shop for over a week now.

So here is the way this works. When the tranny is open transmission rebuilders do not replace parts if they look good or if switches function, they leave the old parts inside and only replace the parts that have actually failed, therefore at any time from day 1 to 1yr, 2yrs etc. any of those old parts can fail sending you back for a rebuild again. You have no idea if they are replacing with high quality parts or inferior parts. The mechanic showed me where the last builder used a low quality torque converter when a high quality should have been used in the Dodge Diesel with the high torque Cummins engine.

My suggestion is to seek out a small time perhaps licensed mechanic in advance, someone not part of a chain store yet reliable through references and one that will allow you to see the parts, where they are ordered from and observe the process of the rebuild. Then when your transmission fails have him order all new parts. Some new parts can be defective, it is simply the way life is, but beyond that it ensures that you will have a far more reliable transmission, you might pay a lot more for the rebuild but it will save you in the long run. My wife's S10 Blazer's rebuilt tranny done by AMMCO only lasted 60,000 miles when the General Manager himself told me it averages 70,000 miles. That seems sub standard to me but then so are today's transmissions.

Frequent tranny breakdowns can't all be blamed on the mechanic, the weakness in transmissions today are all the sensors that malfunction and fail, it's the auto manufactures fault. The all mechanical automatic transmissions of the 1960's and 70's were the most reliable and longest lasting, they went down hill from there by adding sensors, each sensor relies on the other, when one fails the rest can't function properly.

Right now I am not feeling very confident that this tranny will hold up like it should and even less with all the negative comments about AAMCO and even much less when I was in the waiting room and a disgruntled customer was fumed that he is now back in there a year later after spending $6000. The General manager pretty much told him to shut up, laughed at him while he was on the way out and called him a ***... Wow, now I'm thinking who have I got myself mixed up with here. I now will have to deal with him through the warranty period but I now see going to AAMCO was a huge mistake and from what I read headquarters does not care about their franchise stores and how they operate. But can I trust any other franchise for that matter? I think not.

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