Portland, Oregon
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I took my vehicle to Aamco to have the timing belt replaced. The timing belt did not break while I was driving ,so fact I would have NO engine damage.

Not only did they mess up my engine( a new one cost the amount I paid for the car), I no longer have a car, THEY LIED in their report. They didn't provide a detailed receipt. They would not offer any resolution, no discount, no refund, no nothing. Had my car for over a week.

Almost cost me my job because they failed to follow up with me on a realistic ready date.I could have borrowed a car. Kept telling me everyday my car would be ready. I had to call them. They only called me twice the whole time they had my car.

They called to tell me my car was ready, and also left one message they were working on my car and it would be ready the next day. Which they failed to state that in their report. The time I picked up my car they failed to tell me anything was wrong, I picked it up about 11am (they say hope youre car runs good)and that SAME DAY I drove home and when I went to start up my car it didnt start. Immediately called them and told them it wont start I will have tow it in tuesday.

when I got the message from them they were working on the car and would be ready the next day. I called them the next morning. They tell me I have no oil pressure and my cams are froze. Which is fault of them because they failed to tell me anything when I picked it up the first time.

If youre car has no oil pressure you WILL hear a loud knocking from the engine. If he cams were damaged I would have never made it home. It would have locked up. I spoke with two LICENCED MECHANICS, they dont even know each other.

They both tell me they either didnt know what they were doing, or just took me for a ride for money. SERIOUSLY. Im a single mom I work so hard I dont understand why this happen. They failed to provide the necessary customer service.

I WORK in CUSTOMER SERVICE. They dont have any reality on a good customer service.

They wont refund me, nothing. All they did was cost me my car and money, and told me to tow my car from their show.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Lynette H

My engine was fine before I took it to Aamco.

Lynette H

I know the mechanics, they're not going to bash another shop just because.

Dave G

1) Just because a belt does not break does not mean there is no engine damage.

2) Asking another mechanic means nothing, b/c your story you are relaying to them is not going to be 100% accurate and other shops LOVE bashing other shops, especially when they are a nationwide company.

Where is the shop located that you had the problem with?

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