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I called an Aamco Center and asked them how much to rebuild my transmission. After listening for over a minute to what sounded like a script being read the guy told me it was $500.00 to tear it down and see what was wrong with it.

When I asked for worse case scenario I go more script. Junk about Aamco being in business for 50 years and the number one shop for transmission repair. If such is true, why can't they tell me worse case scenario which obviously would mean buying a reman unit. Instead, they wanted to hook me for $500.00 to tell me what it would cost.

If you have been doing this for 50 years, you should know average prices for a rebuild. This whole thing is a scam to stick you with repairing it. My issue is the car is old and maybe not worth fixing. I did not want to spend $500.00 to decide whether or not to fix it when 3 other transmission shops gave me a ball park of high and low range for my car, which I got rid of due to cost of repair being too high.

If someone is an expert, they should be able to tell you the cost range of repair. Aamco must not be the experts they claim to be.

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Marina Del Rey, California, United States #844314

So NO ONE gave you prices, instead, they gave you a range, and because the prices of repairs were outside your budget, you decided to get mad at a mechanic who wanted to give you one accurate estimate? Yes, these guys will pay for being crooks (sarcasm).

By the way, the worst case scenario is having to take it to the dealership (reman unit).

With three other estimates, it really seems like you had all of the information you needed to make an informed decision... why are you singling out this one mechanic?

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