Provo, Utah
Not resolved

Owner is completely disorganized - tried to do work on my car that was meant for a different customer because he'd lost all the paperwork and gotten confused.

But he just seems so nice, so I went to him again.

This time, he promised that if I brought my car in at 9AM to replace the tail light, it would be done by noon (when I had to be at work). Yet when I showed up at 9AM, he hadn't even ordered the part. He said it would be delivered in 3 hours. I asked why he hadn't ordered it when we'd made the appointment 5 days ago, and he said, "I can never order a part until the vehicle is on the lot." Even though he had the last time!

It's one thing to be incompetent. It's another thing to lie your way out of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aamco Pros: Clean waiting room.

Aamco Cons: Disorganization, Taking advantage of women, Incompetence, Dishonesty.

  • dishonest
  • Sneaky
  • untrustworthy
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