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I've had a nightmare experience with AAMCO on North Decatur.

This review involves my 1995 Nissan 300ZX (this matters later).

Feb 2014 I took my car in to have the center bearing replaced. They said they could do it, so I trusted them. It took forever to get my car back because the owner (Christopher Creary) dragged his heels the entire time. What should take less than 4 hours to fix took 4 days.

Once I received the car back it shook heavily in every gear. I decided to take it to Drive Line Service of Atlanta (Jonesboro Road) and have them take a peek. DLS told me AAMCO had installed the center bearing for a BMW and it had been altered to fit. DLS replaced 2 u-joints (source of the shaking), which AAMCO should have noticed, and off I went.

Over the next week, I called AAMCO 3 times to speak with Chris Creary on why a part for a different make and model was installed on my car and he never once returned my calls. For the record, the lady at the front desk (Susan) was very helpful and I felt sorry for her being stuck between me and Chris).

Fast forward two months and the car is shaking like *** in first gear. It took me hounding AAMCO for two weeks to get them to help me. I was being told they couldn't find the correct center bearing. I called a place in Metro Atlanta and within five minutes had located the part. I also had to get AAMCO Corporate involved to get any progress with this and Chris Creary continued to drag his feet.

AAMCO had my car on a lift two days later and replaced the center bearing for free. Kinda. I drove off and noticed the car was a bit shakey, so I took it back to Drive Line Services. AAMCO had installed the bearing backward, which had damaged the drive shaft. I had DLS go ahead and replace the shaft with a single rod and now the car drives better than it has in years. (Can't recommend DLS enough.)

Will I pursue repayment with AAMCO? Maybe. I'm honestly just happy this nightmare experience is over. I guarantee you, I will never do business with them again. Christopher K. Creary will never get my business again. He's a lying, evasive, manipulative *** and I beg you, dear person looking to get your car repaired, do not take your car here. If I'm slandering his name, then let's pull out the evidence, which I have document and photographic evidence supporting everything I've said above.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Im in total agreement,aamco needs to go away forever.They belong in *** and im willing to put them there.Anyone else agree?

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