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After they trying different parts and guessing what the problem might be and 7+ days, I got my car towed out of there and sent to Engine and Transmission center who told me right away that the flywheel and throughout bearing retainer need replacing. The parts I have brought them (Clutch kit, Master and Slave unit) were correct and NOT defective.

AAMCO had my transmission out 3-4 times and tried parts they ordered and could not figure it out? they are Transmission specialists? NOT THIS LOCATION!

Greg got very rude on the phone and was yelling at me because of my honest and detailed reviews and the fact I contacted corporate office. I was also advised that they were rude to the tow truck driver who picked up my car.

Original review posted by user Mar 27, 2017

THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. I am a mechanic and I know how things work.

A 3 hour job and my car is still there after 7 days when promised next day. They keep coming up with excuses and problems blaming parts and overwhelming work of other customer's cars. Don't call to give update status and when I call I get some kind of problem with part or excuse. A clutch has 3 main components Flywheel, Disc, & Pressure plate.

the hydraulics have 2 main parts Master cylinder & Slave cylinder. Here is the story; I contacted AAMCO about replacing my clutch on my 94 camaro after getting a price I asked how long the job will take? Greg replied "bring it in the morning and will be done the next day." so I brought my car in on Monday and after not hearing from him by the end of the day on Tuesday, I called to ask the status and he replied" we have been swamped had to do front wheel drive repairs" so I said will it be ready by Wednesday? he said "YES" asked to call me on apx time so as I can arrange a ride.

He did not call. still waiting on my car and tomorrow, Thursday, I will have to call once again and see what their excuse is. Since they started doing Total car care the customer service has went down the drain! Update 3/23/17; Greg just called and explained that they had issues with the old clutch throughout bearing and carrier and clutch fork had to be straightened.

I was also told that the new pre-bleed hydraulic slave & master by LUK had air and had to be bleed which is hard to believe because LUK makes clutch and parts as OEM for many cars & trucks. Now knowing the issues and the extra time to do the job properly, I can understand why it is taking longer then the time quoted. He informed me that it will be done today so I will update this review when i pick up the car. UPDATE 03/24/17 MY CAR IS STILL THERE!

Told me last night that he will swap & bleed the slave cylinder 1st thing in the morning, I called at noon and Greg told me they were working on another car and now instructing the Manichean on how to swap the slave cylinder and would get back to me in a couple hours. Really? it takes 5 min to change the slave it's 2 bolts and maybe 20 min to bleed. THEY HAVE BEEN STRINGING ME ALONG put my repair off to work on other cars.

Each day they have my car is a extra. cost for me either i can't get to work or pay for car rental. it is now 3pm and still haven't heard anything. I told the owner Jose that I need my car and it has been there 5 days (he didn't seem to care) and put me on the phone with Greg.

Comon, it doesn't take 5 days to do a clutch no matter what kind of problems. especially for a shop that specializes in Transmission repair! UPDATE 3/27 My car is still there 7 days now! last Friday they advised that it WAS NOT THE MASTER AND SLAVE and that the clutch would not engage at all.

Greg said it has to be the pressure plate? and now they have to *** the transmission again to inspect the plate. I think that someone put the disk on backwards but if they knew what they were doing this would NEVER happen. what else could it be?

I am 98% sure that the pressure plate is not defective.

after all, the master & slave was not as i was first told. so, by the end of the day I will find out whats going on and if there is any more stories I am having my car towed to another shop who told me he would have me in and out the same day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aamco Cons: Manager and owner.

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After talking to them on Monday at the end of the day, they still could not figure it out and Greg was upset about the reviews and contacting Corp office. said he tried a different clutch, my old pressure plate, etc; now it is my flywheel?

it's a guessing game with them. oh, and my Camero is different then all the other camaros out there yea right!

I am having a tow truck picking it up in the AM to take it to a reputable shop who will inspect and tell me what they did and didn't do.

BEWARE PEOPLE! I am out of a car for a week and he tried to tell me that if he replaces all the parts he purchased that I will pay for those parts which I would of gladly done if I would known from day 1 that the new parts i provided had issues.


Aamco has had my car for 45 days and after taking my engine apart and putting it back together 4 times, they are finally telling me it's done and I can come pick it up. Botttom line, I don't trust what's been done to it and now not sure what to do. This has been the worse ever!!!!

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