Marlow Heights, Maryland
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i took my vehicle to have it looked at because my engine light was on. I was told that I needed a coil.

it took Aamco 5 day to return my vehicle as the second day and every day here after I was told the next day it would be ready. when I got my truck back the engine light came on again and I returned it and the gentleman said I had 1000 sensors that could go off and had my truck for a day and sensor went off a third time and I returned it again and the gentle told me that it was not something that he originally fixed. I asked him how would I know when he did not put Number from Part on the bill. so he replaced the sensor and did not charge me for replacing it.

so before I left he told me that you have 180,000 miles on your truck and the sensors could go off at any time. I knew that , so before I even left the area of the shop the light came back on and I went to a different place to have the light looked at. they told me yes it had been replaced but it showed the same light back on. for a camshaft.

I finally took my vehicle to a shop where they looked for the problem and told me that I just needed a oil change because the oil was dirty. they changed the oil for me and looked my truck over for anything else that could be wrong and found nothing. on this bill of my complaint I was charged for 8 hrs of labor, and oil change, belts, and gaskets. nothing about an coil to be fixed or two as I was told that I needed.

I feel that Aamco took my money and took advantage of me not knowing what I was being charged for and did nothing like I was told I was going to get.

therefore I am writing this complain and will not recommend this or any other Aamco to anyone that I know. I am going to seek advice on how to get my money returned even if I have to hire an attorney.

Monetary Loss: $1391.

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